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How It Works?

Learn how we assist software developers better monetize their software download installations and increase their bottom line revenues!
Learn how we increase your software distribution by offering it along with complementary products.
Learn what we do that makes both our software publishers and their users happy and allow our advertisers to reach additional targeted audiences.
Publishers Advertisers How It Works

Amonetize offers the ultimate monetization solution for software providers. We provide you with accurate installation tracking and an attractive profitable income per install!

Amonetize is a Pay-Per-Install (PPI) performance driven advertising network for software product offerings. We deliver thousands of installs on a daily basis to millions of users on a global scale.

Amonetize’s state-of-the-art installer technology and monetization platform significantly improves downloadable software users’ conversion rate and installation funnel performance.

We help our software developers and publishers monetize their entire software product inventory using our back-office revenues analytic system to fine-tune installation profit performance, optimize distribution channels and maximize their revenue per install.

We work with top quality software products that generate thousands of daily installs worldwide. We find the ones that are most suitable for each target audience and offer users the opportunity to install your product, thus increasing your software user-base and revenues simultaneously.

Our cutting edge monetization technology component is easy to integrate with any Windows downloadable application, thus creating higher user-satisfaction, higher payouts through a variety of monetization channels, and extensive worldwide distribution solutions for our advertisers.

AMONETIZE : Distribution & Monetization Platform

Amonetize provides a unique marketplace and technology platform that introduces software users to new software products which they may be interested in.

While offering users with the opportunity to explore new downloadable software products, Amonetize provides its advertisers with access to new and exclusive markets and customer bases. All of this is done with our innovative, open-market concept that drives thousands of downloadable software installation every day while still serving the interests of all parties.

The Amonetize team consists of highly experienced people in the fields of online marketing and technology, specializing in SEM, affiliate marketing, media buying, social network marketing, software installer technology and various leading monetization solutions.

On top of that, we offer our own downloadable software network, focused on generating new clients for our advertisers and, at the same time, monetizing the distribution of other software applications. We work with a wide selection of free software titles and bundle them with matching offers for the publisher´s audience. We work directly with all of our partners and are proud to cooperate directly with industry leaders such as CNET, Google, Softonic, Tucows and more.

Amonetize offers solutions for downloadable application developers and web publishers with one simple goal in mind – getting great software applications to customers. All of the software applications in our marketplace are screened and tested before ever being offered to the consumer. Our state-of-the-art Amonetize installer is fine-tuned to find and match the best possible downloadable software to the targeted user.

Application developers need customers, advertisers are constantly seeking to expand their user-base, web publishers need to monetize their site and content, and consumers need someone to lead them through today’s online chaos to find and download the great downloadable applications they search for. We are here to connect them and make sure that all parties are satisfied and reaching their goals.